Yandex. Station as a TV speaker

Yandex is constantly looking for ways to surprise people and come up with something new to improve the quality of life. It should be noted that she does it very well. Despite minor mistakes, the development and technology of the company entered almost all spheres of human activity. This equipment, taxi, food delivery and many other structures.

Trying to infiltrate various spheres of life, Yandex specialists created a whole network of interconnected services and production of various products. This creates a base of Russian products replacing goods from foreign manufacturers. But the technique is not always obtained the desired quality. The article will focus on smart speakers or Yandex. Stations. What are their features and how to use this technology?

What is Yandex? Station, its capabilities

Relatively recently, a version of the “smart” column from a Russian company was presented. Outwardly, it really resembles a standard column of small sizes, similar to a small metal can. But the internal component is striking in its capabilities.

REFERENCE! The so-called smart speakers Yandex are equipped with special voice guidance, as well as foreign versions of such devices.

Among the characteristics and advantages of the model, the following indicators can be distinguished:

  • simple design without unnecessary details;
  • reasonable price - and taking into account bonuses in the form of free subscriptions to applications, this makes buying a column even more profitable;
  • a good Russian version of voice guidance - Alice;
  • high-quality sound;
  • convenient control on the top panel of the device.

Unfortunately, the company previously had unsuccessful attempts to create its own version by copying the ideas of other manufacturers. This time, too, was not without flaws. By cons include:

  • A protective case around the perimeter of the speaker impairs sound quality. It is very thick, and the speaker is located at the bottom of the device. Experts say that without it the station sounds better, but in that case its appearance worsens.
  • The back panel of the speaker heats up significantly during operation and in standby mode.
  • Voice assistant is not fully adapted to the search engine. But this is most likely a matter of time.

Overall a pretty good option for a great price. Especially like those who are against the purchase of equipment of foreign brands. The Russian version of the “smart” speaker copes quite well with the functions and over time its characteristics will become much better.

How to use Yandex Station as a column

As for the use of the column, then there should be no problems. Manufacturers have taken care to make the station as convenient as possible to operate. You need to read the instructions and perform simple manipulations:

  1. Connect the device to the network.
  2. Connect the station using a wire with an HDMI connector to the TV - an image will be displayed on the screen.
  3. Use voice guidance to set commands and launch applications. The main ones are: IVI, Youtube. They plan to add others.
  4. Using the buttons on the top panel, adjust the volume and operation of the microphone.

Yandex technology is at an early stage of development, but it already has good opportunities to become a leading brand in the world of high technologies.

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