Work conditioner in the office increases mental abilities

Air conditioning has become an indispensable attribute of offices. Every employee who has been in the same space for a long time knows that working capacity directly depends on comfortable conditions. Do you have to work for 8 hours in a stuffy office? For the sake of interest, check how the absence or presence of air conditioning will affect your attentiveness and fatigue.

Air conditioning in the office can increase mental abilities

A clear head is a guarantee of good work. The temperature of the room in which you have to work affects the entire work process. In the summer, when there is no desire to work at all, air conditioning is just a salvation for the brain. As soon as you come to the workplace and feel incredible stuffiness, you may experience a lack of fresh air, hence the lethargy, apathy and unwillingness to work. The dependence of the brain on the operation of the air conditioner is obvious. Our main body receives oxygen, and from it vivacity.

Important! Using the air conditioner does not save you from the need to periodically air the room.

What conditioner is capable of: positive properties

  1. The device perfectly cleans the air from dust. Breathing becomes easier.
  2. If your office is equipped with an air ionization function, then you should not be afraid that it will overdry the air.
  3. People with allergies and asthma are most affected by dry air. The humidity control in the room is also the merit of the air conditioner.
  4. You can not worry about the reproduction of mold and other parasites. But the device must be properly used. Timely replacement of filters will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and their spread. Properly set the temperature of ventilation will help to avoid colds.
  5. Noises from the street can interfere with the focus, and it is no longer possible to sit with the window closed. Air conditioning will come to the rescue. Turning it on at the right time, you can ignore other sounds and enjoy the cool air.
  6. The device also has the ability to heat the room, and the energy consumption for heating it is much less than if you used radiators and other electrical equipment.

Why office ventilation through the window is not enough

Your boss wondered whether to install air conditioning or not? My advice; of course! Let us see why standard airing through the window is not enough.

To ventilate the whole room, especially if it is large, you need to spend a lot of time. One of the workers will have to come earlier and do it. If you open the window at the time of the arrival of all employees, there is a likelihood of colds, viral diseases, and the one who sits closer to the window can simply be purged.

Regardless of what kind of weather is outside, the device will create a comfortable environment in your office. With a strong wind, pouring rain, not everyone decides to open the window and ventilate the room.

If the staff is large and they are all in the same office, then the purchase of the device is simply necessary.

Proper operation of the device and timely care for it will provide a comfortable working environment.

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